Our Story

The beginning of our story is in Mexico where for the first time we tried a chia drink that won us with its unique taste and a specific combination of ingredients. The multi-beneficial effect resulted in increased energy, fullness and vitality. 

Our formula for this drink is a perfect symbiosis between the healthy components that create ChiaDía – a natural soft non-alcoholic refreshing drink without any added sugars, additives and preservatives.



We exist to enable and make affordable this chia drink for you, and it's yours to enjoy the taste and energy that follows. 


A reliable and stable chain between the team of employees, the distribution channel, the suppliers and the consumer.


Winning consumer loyalty as a superior product in our market, with expansion to the Balkans, Europe and internationally.


Market leaders in opening a new category of soft drinks with multifunctional benefits.


A unique drink that implements vertical integration for increased growth and raising awareness of the benefits of healthy drinks.


Uniqueness, quality, integrity, added value, trust, sustainability and growth.


Ambition for a positive impact on improving the lifestyle through the use of social and environmental techniques in the production process.


Chia Día?

Let us awaken your health by introducing hydrated chia seeds in a wonderful combination of healthy ingredients, without sugars that will provide you with a natural formula for energy all day long.