Interview for "Innovation"

Interview for "Innovation"

Nadica and Verica Gorgievi are sisters who encouraged their lifestyle dedicated to healthy living and healthy eating to start a story called ChiaDia. It is a new and innovative healthy drink based on chia, with four different flavors, without sugars and additives, intended for all consumers who care about their health.

Creating a healthy and energy drink was a challenge for Nadica and Verica, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, when we all needed to strengthen our immune system and improve our physical health. Nadica, in an interview with "Innovativnost" says that one of their main goals is to educate young people who in recent years have been flooded with energy drinks full of additives, for the benefit of consuming healthy drinks.


Journalist - Sanja Naumovska


Nadica, tell us something about your new energy drink based on chia, what inspired you to create such a drink?


The main inspiration to create and launch this innovative soft chia drink on our market is because of the multifunctional benefits it contains. While researching the benefits of chia seeds in a drink, we saw the health benefits, which is why my sister Verica and I decided to apply for the Startup Heroes call created by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, with the support of „Tinex“.

After the approval of the project, we started with the realization of the idea and creation of the ChiaDía brand which strives for a quality lifestyle and improving the habits for consuming energy healthy soft drinks, without added sugars, additives and preservatives. The unique taste and texture provides exclusivity and a positive experience for every consumer. By consuming this refreshing chia drink, the essential macronutrients are introduced, which give a feeling of satiety, increased energy and vitality throughout the day.


What are the benefits of consuming this drink, what ingredients do you use in its production?


Our energy drink is based on organic chia seeds in combination with various citrus and red fruits, sweetened with organic agave syrup, without the addition of artificial colors and sugars. Consumers will be able to choose between the four types of chia drink, red currant and mint, ginger and lemon, strawberry and lime, depending on their taste preferences and the effect they want to get.

As for the benefits, they are numerous. We want to make sure that the drink contributes to fat burning and rapid absorption of nutrients, rich in protein, fiber, omega 3, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and so on. The drink, especially chia seeds, according to research allows complete detoxification of the body and regulates blood pressure and heart function. This drink is vegan and suitable for those who avoid using products with added sugars.


Do you have a special technology of preparation, what is it that makes the drink innovative?


Given that this type of drink will be the first Macedonian product of its kind, it certainly requires a different technology and method of preparation. Innovation is above all in the composition and functionality of the drink, ie the natural ingredients it contains and the fact that we will appear on the market with a natural, healthy chia drink that gives energy and efficiency with regular consumption. The consumer gets all this at an affordable price. We will also strive to continuously implement innovative solutions to improve the overall production process.

Who is your drink intended for, can the younger generations, who in recent years have become very addicted to energy drinks full of additives, preservatives and other additives, also consume it?


The drink targets the entire population, with a special emphasis on physically active people, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and all those who take great care of their physical and mental health and often consume healthy products and beverages. This is a drink that is healthy and safe, without any additives, which makes our ChiaDia the right solution for everyone, available in Tinex supermarkets as well as online.

We pay special attention to the younger generation which is prone to standard energy drinks that do not have a positive effect on immunity. That is why our main goal is to increase the awareness of this group of consumers for all the benefits of consuming chia drink that gives a feeling of ease and improved health.


What does your experience say, do Skopje residents respect healthy food and drinks?


The interest for healthy food, and at the same time drinks, is growing day by day. Consumers are increasingly choosing products that do not contain added sugars. There is also a growing audience of young people who want to go out and have fun, but do not prefer to consume alcohol. For them, ChiaDia is a perfect alternative.

In the future, we expect consumers to give more and more preference to drinks based on natural ingredients without additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Our goal is to stimulate all those who are hesitant to change the perception of consuming healthy drinks, to taste them and to incorporate them in their daily activities in order to stay fit, full and healthy. No matter what their lifestyle is, ChiaDia can fit into any daily routine and help consumers stay energetic and vital.