It all starts with love, whatever you do, wherever you go, love is a motive for choosing the most essential thoughts and uniting them into a whole that we call - the essence of life.

A person is defined by his love for himself, self-care, self-esteem and self-devotion. But from where to start? A well-balanced "mental spirit" is what we need to possess for perfect symbiosis in and around us. Mental health is measured by our further regulation of happy or sad thoughts. Mutual balance is the golden key, followed by the most important feature, the so-called consistency. Ah yes, we will mention consistency very often, because it is the basic value of success in everything you do. Like self-love and empathy are mutual essential qualities for mental health and well-being.

"Self-kindness" means being warm and understanding when we fail or feel unfulfilled, instead of waving "self-criticism," wrote prof. Nef and Germer.

Loving yourself is the most important LOVE in your life. 


How can we wake up that?

Followed by a balanced way of thinking, positive thoughts, activity and efficient work. It is a condition in which you believe in yourself more than others can believe.
Put yourself first. You are your main goal. Take advantage of every opportunity that life gives you or create your own. Take action and believe in yourself as you take it, because you may fall, but self-love will not separate you. It will make you learn from your mistakes until you learn.

Confronting your fears is power, for you, for a better version of you. It is very important to practice loving yourself every day because it will bring you true and eternal happiness, inner peace and will improve your health and well-being. Do not be afraid of your mistakes, because they will teach you and get the best out of you, because "Either you earn or learn, but you never lose." As you move forward in achieving your goals, support love by respecting your body. Set goals to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Your body is your temple - treat it as such. And with that, your love will expand, you will become more passionate about life, you will be able to think better and you will be happier and healthier. Be happy, read, exercise, take vitamin D and energize your soul. Monitoring your health is your treasure. Self-education will bring you confidence and respect for who you are and what you can do.


Why is energy crucial as an element of a high degree of positivism? Energy is in everything we eat, consume or use. Where to get it, if not from the roots of the water. Water is the bridge that connects us with nature on a physical and spiritual level, our main elixir of life, a factor that conditions our existence. Inspired by the value of water, the natural perspective, the lack of healthy drinks in everyday life, healthy habits and the essential needs of each individual, we have formulated this natural, non-alcoholic, energetic and balanced drink ChiaDia. Extraordinary and unique formula of natural fruit ingredients combined with organic chia seeds and agave syrup, which gives a feeling of satiety, energy, vitality and freshness. Every taste is carefully combined according to individual preferences, bringing a feeling of detox, refreshing, pleasant, energetic and effective. Enormous selection of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, lots of fiber, omega 3 and most importantly - vegetable protein. All thanks to the queen of all seeds - the magical CHIA.