Sisters in Entrepreneurship

Sisters in Entrepreneurship

What inspired you to create the ChiaDia brand?

Guided by the motive for a healthy body - a healthy spirit that corresponds to our healthy lifestyle, as well as realizing the current global situation with the pandemic and the need for a larger selection of drinks based on natural ingredients, we decided to create natural energy chia drink which is different from other drinks with its unique combination of ingredients and functional benefits. Primarily because it has no additives, preservatives, artificial colors and no added sugars. The main reason why we decided to create this type of drink is because the basic ingredient, ie the benefits of which the seeds are the core of this drink.


What motivates you to enter the entrepreneurial waters together?


Two different characters, but with the same ambition for professional development and advancement, we found ourselves on a balanced line between creativity and innovation to take a risk and start our own business. Persistence and desire for change that would positively affect society and the environment, contributed to create a product that is healthy and not yet present in our market. 


Are other family members involved in your business?


Of course. Above all, we are a team in charge of improving and promoting the product from every aspect. and we have the full support of our parents in every field. Each member of the family is involved in different segments, more specifically our mother is in charge of the economic-financial part of the business, while our father is in charge of product expansion.

What do you enjoy most while realizing the whole process of the drink?


We mostly enjoyed the freedom we had to experiment in perfecting the taste of the drink, developing a brand identity, market positioning and the final result of the drink itself. Our enthusiasm created exactly what we were looking for from these kind of drinks.


How do you make balance with work and personal life?


Continuous physical activity helps us to concentrate more on work, as well as proper nutrition that contributes to a healthy mindset between work and leisure. 


What advice would you give to those who would like to start their own business?


Always choose a profession for which you have a passion, and then bravely realize that dream in reality by taking a risk, because risk leads to success when it is motivated by love, hard work and commitment.

When it comes to any change in life, you should not be afraid and wait for the right moment, but take action when you have enthusiasm and a strong desire for progress.